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Hearing my client’s feedback gives such meaning to my work and it inspires me to want to help more people. My business is only as good as the results we get so please send me your feedback (positive or negative), I love to hear your thoughts! Please get in touch!

“Maeve managed to do what several GPs and a couple of consultants couldn’t. So since I was 11 (now 26) I have had chronic constipation. Going weeks without going to the toilet. Longest stretch was 3 weeks. Doesn’t sound believable but believe me, I lived it. I was hospitalised twice my constipation got so bad. Doctors tried everything and I had every test twice. Still no reason why and no treatment was overly effective. Doctors solution 8 sachets of movicol daily. Which is not sustainable for anyone. I also had issues with taking so much medication. Then I heard about BioKinesiology, and with nothing to lose I gave it a go. It has been the best decision I ever made (even though I wasn’t even really sure what it was) Maeve uncovered that I was gluten intolerant and I had a bacterial and fungal overgrowth in my bowel. My liver was also under a lot of pressure from being constipated for so long. To cut a long story short, 6 sessions later I’m a new woman. I had to take certain supplements and natural remedies to detox my bowel and liver, and altered my diet a bit. I am now going regularly, have more energy, am feeling happier, and my skin is in much better form. People are commenting on how good I look- I feel like a new person. Maeve is great and genuinely had an interest in helping me and was determined to sort out my issues. Very easy going and always good for a laugh. BioKinesiology doesn’t hurt and I’m pretty sure all recommendations are natural which is better than filling your body with toxins. If there’s something not right give BioKinesiology a go”- MB, Moate

“I have been attending Maeve for the past few months with IBS and very low energy. She is a life saver! I adhered to the advice she gave me re food elimination and took the supplements recommended by her. The IBS is completely gone and my energy level has improved dramatically. Maeve is an absolute pleasure to work with, so pleasant and caring and she works so hard to ensure her client gets an excellent result. She leaves no stone unturned! I would highly recommend Maeve. Keep up the good work!”- Mary Minnock, Athlone

“Met Maeve about a year and a half ago and I’m so glad we did . My 17 year old daughter was suffering very badly with nose bleeds and losing a lot of blood. She also had chronic sinus. Every time she got a cold she would end up on an antibiotic every time . Was desperate so had to try something else as I knew the amount of antibiotics couldn’t of been good . Well it was like winning the lotto she is now a year and a half without an antibiotic and running 5/10 k with ease . Full of energy . Can’t thank Maeve enough you are certainly a gift and such a lady . Love our chats and laughs . Xxxx” – Melinda Donoghue, Moate

I love Maeve! She is amazing inside out, such a beautiful soul giving herself entirely to help others. I came to Maeve with chronic sinusitis, asthma, fatigue, no energy… Maeve very quickly figured out what was wrong, and there was quite a bit going on there! She prescribed me exactly what I needed, I started feeling much better within a weeks. I’m flying now! Thank you Maeve forever!  You’ve shown me the wayNatasa Pesic, Athlone

“Maeve did fantastic work with my daughter’s eczema. I’ve actually decided to wait a couple of months after the last session just to see how it turned out and my daughter has been eczema free since. Maeve is a very professional, caring lady who’s passionate about her job and she does an amazing job. Highly recommend her.”- Gaby Santos, Athlone

“100% recommend this…I started 3 wks ago after months of pain & today I am so much better ..healthier & almost pain free… Just try it out ..you have nothing to lose only pain, weight & unhappy body.. 💚” – Siobhan Redmond-Harte, Medium & Healer, Athlone

“Maeve is excellent at what she does & has a real passion for helping people. She cured my tummy problems in a matter of days & gave me such good advice on the foods to avoid & supplements to take. I would highly recommend Maeve ❤️” -Emer Connell, Athlone

“I have been to Maeve a couple of times and find her work so valuable for me and my energy levels I highly recommend this wonderful lady.”- Siobhan Brady, Medium & Energy Healer, Mullingar

“I’m going to Maeve since June 2019 with Psoriasis and the wonderful work that she has done with me is exceptional… highly recommend Maeve … she is a beautiful person inside & out … best wishes for 2020 💕”- Dolores Meares, Moate

“Maeve is a life saver! Really genuine and incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable. Would thoroughly recommend Maeve Sherlock and BioKinesiology” Christina James, Farmyard in your School Yard, Roscommon

“I have suffered with IBS most of my adult life and recently I started having a lot of issues and discomfort caused by indigestion and heartburn. Within 3 sessions with Maeve my symptoms are completely gone and I feel great. I would highly recommend Maeve and Kinesiology” Karen Rainey, Moate

“Maeve did a distance surrogate treatment for my 7 year old daughter who was having issues with anxiety & trauma & I cannot recommend enough how she has helped. Her recommendation of specific Australian bush flowers has sorted our little girl completely & we cannot thank her enough.”- Jill Crotty, Dublin

“Maeve kindly took me on as a case study in May. Since October 2016, my skin started giving me trouble; it was flaky, extremely dry and inflamed. I tried several prescribed creams and nothing worked. With some dietary changes and supplements, and Maeve’s positive attitude, my skin is so much better. I would sincerely like to thank Maeve and indeed highly recommend Kinesiology to anyone with skin issues.” – Catherine Ryan, Athlone

“I first visited Maeve 2 years ago for a number of problems one of which was the dreaded menopause and I was a NIGHTMARE according to my family Maeve Sherlock recommended that I try the Bush flowers to say my body reacted to them was an understatement within days I was on my way back to my usual self happier and not on edge. With this one sorted we then tried another one for some long standing inner trauma from a loved ones death some years previous again I can say I blossomed with this new Bush flower. To say Maeve is brilliant does not do her justice she is one in a million and picked the right career path. I can not recommend her highly enough. I would just say some times it takes time for them to work everyone reacts differently.”- Jackie McCauley, Moate

“Where do I start, I came across Midlands Kinesiology on Instagram and as that saying goes ‘what’s for you won’t pass you’.. Maeve is excellent she makes you feel at home and puts your mind at ease from the moment you step into the room. I suffered with sinuses (constant hungover feeling)and migraines for years and tried everything and when I came across Midlands Kinesiology I said, “Sure why not!?” and I am delighted I did: 6 months on and I’m a new woman not alone our my sinuses and migraines no more, I’m full of energy not tired and sluggish anymore I feel energetic I just feel great😊 . There’s only one person to thank and that is Maeve and I’m delighted I came across midlands kinesiology and I would highly recommend it to anyone that just doesn’t feel like themselves Maeve will work her wonders, thanks again Maeve x”- Geraldine Dolan, Tullamore

“I had my first appointment with Maeve 6 months ago, starting off with digestive issues. I really wasn’t in a great place, physically or emotionally. Today, I feel amazing. I honestly can’t thank Maeve enough for how she has helped me and my family over the last few months. She is such an honest, genuine, caring and loving person and really wants to help people. ❤❤❤” -Bethany Johnston, Athlone

“Maeve was lovely . I came out feeling like a weight had lifted. I’ll definitely be back.”- Fiona Clarke, Athlone 

“I went to the doctor in the past as I had some issues with my bowel and nothing came back so they left me as I was. I went once to Maeve and after one hour she recommended some supplements and I have been fine since. I would highly recommend Maeve ”– Sean Keyes, Athlone

“Maeve is wonderful, gentle and very professional. I would recommend her and her team to everyone who has IBS or any of the mentioned ailments. 5* for sure.” Grainne Hegarty Kiernan, Moate

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Maeve. I went to her in May with migraines/anxiety after my mam passed away.. so far I’m 25 days migrane free and my anxiety has nearly gone! The bush flowers and supplements have worked wonders! If you suffer from anxiety I highly recommend kinesiology. It really works!”- Amy Fox, Athlone

“Such a lovely pendulum healing treatment, feeling great, couldnt recommend it more. Lots of great advice and spiritual wisdom, thank you so much Maeve, you’ve a true gift.”-Sarah Snow

“Maeve has been treating me ongoing for a while now for anxiety and depression. Kinesiology and natural flower essences have helped no end .. Asking for help when life gets tough is nothing to be ashamed of but the first step is exploring avenues and she will do this with you !! Recommend thoroughly” Louise P, Dublin

“I wish I ran into Maeve 10 years ago. I would have saved myself a lot of pain and hardship- I suffered with. Excellent at what she does and determined to sort any problem. Makes u feel at ease and is super friendly and great for a chat too”- M Buckley, Moate

“Maeve is a brilliant Kinesiologist. I had never tried this treatment before but was having awful trouble with ears and dizziness etc for months and couldn’t find an answer/treatment. I found the treatment relaxing and thorough.. Kinesiology can treat so much and in a safe way. I found Kinesiology & Maeve super. She really helped me to increase my energy levels aswell and I always left the treatment feeling very relaxed. I would highly recommend Maeve & Kinesiology to anyone.”- Nichola McLaughlin, Moate

“I had suffered with IBS for about 2 years and after a friend recommending Maeve, I decided to try kinesiology. within 3 sessions with her, my symptoms were almost GONE. I had suffered nearly every second say since 2014 and by changing a couple of small things in my diet that i ate every day, and a supplement, I cannot believe the change. would really recommend this to anyone thats suffering with what I had. Thanks Maeve.- Yvonne McMahon, Tullamore

“Very thorough. Service with a smile. Warm welcome on a cold evening. I left feeling lighter and am looking forward to working together toward a good result”- Therese Kinahan, Moate

“Maeve is a lovely soul. I went to her a few times. She makes you feel so relaxed and is so good at sorting you out. Wishing you all the best Maeve” Jaime Ní Dhúnlaing, Athlone

“Maeve is a very competent kinesiologist. You will benefit from her professional treatment from her welcoming and down-to-earth personality and most of all from her true mission to bring healing to each and every client. Her treatments will help you restore balance of body and mind. Thank’s Maeve.”– Sadie Grant

“Maeve is an amazing kinesiologist who has a natural affinity with her clients, helping them to heal with the fabulous therapy that is kinesiology”- Sharon McKelvey

“I would definitely recommend Maeve at the Midlands Kinesiology. I was having some problems with my stomach, since my treatment I’m feeling 100 percent better. Maeve is a master at her craft. Got some great advice about what foods to eat and not to eat. Amazing results.”- Lisa Healion, Athlone

“I had suffered with IBS for about 2 years and after a friend recommending maeve i decided to try kinesiology. within 3 sessions with her, my symptoms were almost GONE. I had suffered nearly every second say since 2014 and by changing a couple of small things in my diet that i ate every day, and a supplement, i cannot believe the change. would really recommend this to anyone thats suffering with what i had. thanks Maeve.” Yvonne McMahon, Athlone

“Thank you Maeve for all your help when I went to you I was totally drained after a full nights sleep I woke up like I hadn’t slept at all and my first thought was when can I get back to bed it was absolutely ridiculous 3 months on and Im feeling great no more headaches and getting out of bed with a spring in my step ready for the day ahead you definitely are super talented at what you do so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much xxx🥰”– Karen Revins, Moate

“Maeve is wonderful, gentle and very professional. I would recommend her and her team to everyone who has IBS or any of the mentioned ailments. 5* for sure.”- Grainne Hegarty Kiernan, Moate

“Really sorted out by constant indigestion and heartburn. I feel like a new man and only took 3 sessions. Cheers Maeve”- David Fallon, Athenry

“I am a massive fan of Kinesiology and recently moved from Dublin so was delighted that there was a fabulous biokinesiologists in Athlone. I have just had my 3rd session (definitely recommend 3) and feel totally different , Maeve was spot on with her recommendations , for me it required changes in diet, which I was willing to adhere to, supplements and patience. Change takes time and you are definitely worth the effort 💖 and I would definitely recommend Maeve.” -Marie Nugent, ‘Time to sparkle and shine’, Athlone

“Absolute commitment! Nothing at all is any bother to Maeve. I was so sick and on chemo with so my other things wrong with me including no voice. God Bless you Maeve; I know u said you were finished with me as all ok now, but I will never be finished with your gift.” – Sarah Braiden Minagh, Athlone

“Without your help Maeve, I don’t know where I would be today.. 6 yrs of stomach problems and the last few months of attending your session has made such an amazing difference to my life. I feel like a new person. I can’t thank u enough; my only regret is that I didn’t go to see you sooner. Can’t recommend u enough for the work you have done with me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and anyone out there with digestive problems, (IBS, anxiety, bowel problems) don’t sit alone suffering; come and see Maeve- she’s a lovely lady just waiting to help.” -Marcella Romaine Lynch, Athlone

“I highly recommend Biokinesiology it has helped me so much, I have had serious issues with my digestive system and that has had a knock on effect on my Whole body, Maeve is such a warm, sweet, friendly and extremely professional person who really takes interest in her clients and makes you feel welcome. I found a confidence in her that made me feel like I could trust this new process. It really works”– Adeline O’Connor-Berry, Athlone

“I went to Maeve earlier this year, suffering with IBS and other problems. The kinesiology got to the route cause of my problems quickly and Maeve was able to give me a plan to help me heal myself. Two to three months later, having removed certain foods from my diet and followed a course of herbal supplements, I had made a massive improvement. Associated with my physical problems were anxiety and fatigue. Again, Maeve was able to help me improve that too, along with some counselling and advice from Anna. The Kinesiology in particular has really impressed me. It is easy to be sceptical of such an alternative to modern medicine. However, It is really effective and helped end an ongoing problem that my doctors weren’t able to get to the bottom of. I’d definitely recommend Kinesiology for help with sorting out any kind of gut or digestive issues.”- Andy Taylor, Dublin

“Maeve took me on as a case study after I saw her Facebook page. I have had a skin condition since my early teens and have spent so much time and money trying to improve what I felt was something that had become part of me as a person. After meeting this wonderful lady that thought is no longer a reality. With Maeve’s positive attitude, some minor dietary changes, certain vitamin …supplements and Australian Bush flower remedies, my life has taken me on a new path. I am more positive, relaxed and feeling happier in myself. My relationships with my husband and children are not as frazzled and the things that used to stress me out no longer take a priority. My skin has drastically settled down and my tummy issues have improved greatly. Maeve is excellent at her work and her attention to her clients is amazing. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and I would highly recommend Kinesiology to anyone with skin issues” Avril Kelly

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